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The incredible BARV by Gaso.Line

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Whereas Solido does not envisage any new tracked models, the Gaso.Line brand proposes his "Sherman BARV" : a new conversion on Solido basis, amazing for its quality of completion and especially for its great originality (reference of the manufacturer : GAS50843).

Not a Boat
Not an ARV
The BARV !

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This surprising machine is not a battle tank, but an amphibious armoured vehicle imagined by the British engineers and planned for recovering all vehicles out of service in the water during Overlord operation (Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle). It will be also used to help the immobilized barges. Several Sherman M4A2 without turret received a tall and hydrodynamic superstructure, with accessories to facilitate displacements of the crew on the machine. 3Clic here to enlarge

In 2001, Mr Saint Lot had announced his wish to facility the construction of its models. Here is today the result : the BARV is a model perfectly accessible to the beginners.

Except two metal elements in photo-cutting to manufacture side footbridges, a material always very delicate to handle, the assembly is carried out without complication and takes only a few minutes.

A big resin part constitutes the body of the model (pictures 2, 3, 4) and only some ustensils must be added to finish the assembly (picture 5). The quality of moulding is excellent like always with Gaso.Line. Transfers are provided to reconstitute one authentic version of an operational vehicle of the "REME", obviously paint in blue-grey like a military boat.

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This kit adapts directly on the hull common to all Sherman, Destroyer, Lee or Priest mades by Solido/Verem, (pictures 6 and 7), and maybe on the M4A3 from Fuman. 6Clic here to enlarge
A nice innovation to quickly discover on the site Quarter-Kit. Also available build and painted.

Thank to Quarter-Kit Models Shop for the supply of his product.

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