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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of D-Day, Solido launches a luxurious program under the code "44/94". New boxes of sizes various, very decorated and purposely ordered, some one being delivered with a numbered certificate. The first 50 references are allotted to the French market. The 50 following ones are intended for export by Solido Toys (U.K), which is a new fact for the military range. 

In the batch, made up mainly of republications of existing models, engraved of the mention "44/94" on the chassis, we discover nevertheless two Dodge 4x4 (WC51 and WC56), but also of variants of colors and new decorations, in particular the series "Battle of the Buldge". The same item is distributed under several different numbers but the only difference being the marking included.

Return of the military to the catalogue 1995, with an edition distributed in new numbered boxes, always divided into two categories for reasons of tariff (Military I & II). We distinguish only one half-track radio operator, a new accessory for the GMC and a version FFI of Traction with gas. We attend a return of the figurines, not painted this time. This historical production marks the fiftieth anniversary of the victory in Europe at the time of the second world war. 

New limited editions are intended for the only English market ('VE Days' and 'Cars of the commanders' series) propose four new cars (Alfa-Romeo, Roll-Royce, Mercedes 540K and a Russian GAZ 4x4). All the models want to be authentic replicas, by decal sheets and painting, the workshop "Stretton Models" having helped Solido Toys. 

Return to the tradition for 1996. The brochure introduce a batch of ten eight republications under the topic of 'The famous battles', which is not claimed, this time, in limited series, but with some variants of colors and new plastic accessories.

Except the "militarization" of Ford V8 models in 1:43 scale, nothing would distinguish the year 1997. The British collectors are luckier with the New Freedom Campaign Range.

An effort is made in 1998 with some variants, in particular a van C4F with gas generator, and an Hanomag with assault bridges. By damaging still a little more the mould, the gun of the "Priest" is mounted on Half-track M3 vehicle (T19). The short gun of the PZ-IVf1 is simplistic, and the abuse of plastic depreciates the GMC tanker.

In 1999, the old tank-hunter M10 becomes a turretless "Prime Mover", and Solido recovers Verem's Land-rover Defender. But, one more time, the Zamac is increasingly rare in all these new variants. The catalogue, which appears later in the USA, proposes additional models. These articles take part of expansion of the Solido's production for the North American market.

New logo in the year 2000 and new boxes by the same occasion. The military still inherit models more specifically labelled Verem until this date (we can only delight us of this, since the products published by the Verem Division preserve higher price !). Inspired by the 'Gaso.Line' mark, a new small turret is assembled on the AMX-10P hull.

But the great innovation remains incorporation of two military cars in the superb range "Prestige" in 1:18 scale. An US Army version of Ford V8 is not really surprising. This vehicle was one of the very first Solido models designed in 1:18 scale in 1987, and all the military variations were already proposed with her small sister in 1:43. But the Willys is an innovation beginning with its military version (with canopy and cable cutter). Nevertheless, even if it is one of the most reproduced models by the other manufacturers, this jeep is rightly presented like one of great success of the year 2000. One must expect multiple editions in the future. Collectors must envisage new display for this rather bulky items.

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