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One attends the handing-over in manufacture of military references for the commemoration of the D-Day in 1984. Presented, and thus sold, like a series limited in boxes gifts (with four items) or in individual packaging, the models do not bring an innovation, but they comprise well the engraving of a mention " June 6 44/84 " on the chassis (in plastic for the american tanks). Let us add that the German machines were not any more in "gray Panzer" at that time. This batch is followed of a commemoration of the battle of Paris devoted to Citroen 15 HP.

The following year, Solido republishes military with a "Operation collector". Certain models are modified for the circumstance (the turret of the AMX-30 for example). This edition allows the Solido SA company to start again the production by preserving a part of the models of 1985 on its 86 brochure with the same boxes, but at a more accessible price.

Mr. Bertrand Azéma adds on these two series that the surplus was distributed later on in the standart boxes, which can undoubtedly mislead the collectors. Moreover, starting from this date, the references will be very seldom updated on the chassis.

The catalogue of 1986 leaves a mitigated impression. We finds especially republications that the presence of two figurines painted does not make more interesting for the old collectors. The models undergo many simplifications (disappearance of the opening gates and suspensions, rims identical, etc.) by reduction of the number of parts. The transfers are badly posed and the painting is insufficient or made with the brush for the camouflage. Initiatives which leave a deep regret of the past. We discover the Citroen C4F declined in three different versions, the VAB 4x4 and a VAB with missile launcher, whose turret UTM-800 will be presented on all the catalogues turned towards the back with the reversed "Hot" tubes, except in 1994.

In 1987, the policy seems to be the same one : some variants of colors with introduction of the vehicles of the United Nations (white painting), of a new car in 1:43 scale takes out from "the Golden age", of a trailer with four wheels, recovery of the Citroen 15 HP (refurbished in 1982) in the military range and late publication of Jagdpanther in snow version. But the manufacturer proposes fortunately a GMC cckw 353 G508 6x6 (troop carrier covered). The plastic canopy are, of course, removable like before. Quite detailed if we exclude the wheels and awaited for a long time by the collectors of Solido, this truck fills a vacuum since the disappearance of Dinky models. One great classic which leaves in parallel under Tonergam. It will be used also by craftsmen like CJD, Metz-Miniatures and Gaso.Line

The return of the military to the end of the Eighties will allow the blossoming of customized models and conversions in resin or White metal. Sometimes differents distributors release limited-run items. It is extremely probable that this market will influence the Verem production which will follow.

The year 1988 remains in the same vein with a new truck (Mercedes Unimog), the old Dodge Van militarized and the Land-Rover 109. The tanks gain a AMX provided with the "Hot" turret and one enjoys already a GMC with cabin all in metal. We deplore republication of the last Solido's gun but without cylinder head this time.

For 1989, the collectors discover a disproportionate Chrysler Windsor compared to the trucks, but also the new Dodge WC54. The Half-track vehicle and Kaiser Jeep receive accessories which are only recovered parts of other models. A new turret has given us finally the "General Grant", inevitable but awaited ten years. To mark the 45th anniversary of the D-Day, Solido distributes in addition a chest " Overlord " of twelve models sold on stand under clear box. The chassis are marked also " 44/89 ". One discovers the Packard Sedan, recovered obviously in "the Golden age" models, GMC equipped with a circular for machine-gun and compressor "LeRoi" in plastic.

Compared with the previous year, the year 1990 is disappointing with only an variant of Unimog and the military version of the GMC wrecker.

In spite of the attempt to modernize its logo, Solido does not bring news on the racks of the collectors of the military in 1991. Cadillac, exit from the Golden age, is the only innovation worthy of this title. One notices new accessories, of which very fine machine-guns on Jeep SAS.

Year of crisis, 1992 however started well. Solido endeavours to stick to the topicality with an VAB in sand color. On the other hand, on its two new Sherman, the firm does not research realism. Let us specify that to carry out these models, the muzzle brake of the AMX-13 is modified for the third time, and that the hull of Sherman is cut out to accept the shovel of the Dozer (the current mouldings still carry the scar). The mould of the AMX-10p undergoes also a bad rectification. The event of the year remains however the AMX-30b2, with which the old hull of the AMX-30 receives a new more faithful turret. A frustrating compromise which end this contrasted but productive period.

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